Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A new world just beginning

Good day,

A new world has begun for me and many people as of May 2008. College graduation was both exciting and nerve racking because life was beginning a new exciting chapter, adult-hood. Two days later, I was headed into my full-time career.

To me college was still a protected environment, the same as high school. Now after graduation, the hundreds of people who graduated with me are now either working or looking to start their careers and some of them, businesses.

I had many options when I graduated. My business degree, Computer Information Systems, was a highly regarded degree because it mixed essential computer skills with business skills to create a position which bridges the gap in communication for businesses. While we were not the best programmers, we had in-depth knowledge on how everything worked while at the same time were very knowledgeable in business. While everyone takes something different out of the degree, I learned how to implement, solve problems, and improve business functions not only on the computer side, on many aspects of the business. Pretty much a consultant.

With this degree, many jobs were hiring. Though, I had an offer from my family to help run the business which was started two years ago. This is the path I took, one to help my family and two the benefits of taking such an offer.

The business now thrives because of the change in ownership two years ago. The business went from one of the worse names in the business to one of the best in the business. Business, revenue, profits, all have increased more then 500% in these 2 years. I really do not know what the original data is for revenue, profits, though I know it has increased by a substantial amount (probably more then 2000%).

All of this was because my step-dad and mother were able to make the business into a friendly place. Improve the image, the customer service, the offerings, the advertising, everything was invested into to improve the daily aspects of the business along with the longevity.

This is the type of business I came into with many ambitions. We are always constantly looking for changes to improve the business, and that's what I help with the most.

I'm stepping out, experiencing what life really offers.

The topics I will write about most are finance, my experiences, my ambition, and the process of choosing to be happy.